Sep 18, 2016

Vilnius marathon 2016 ビリニュスマラソン 2016

I run the marathon in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, and posted in my traveling blog.


May 27, 2016

Czech Beer Festival 2016 チェコビール祭り 2016

I found time to visit Prague again to enjoy beer festival and posted in my traveling blog


May 21, 2016

Ramen bar in Vienna ウィーンのラーメン専門店

I did not know about this new ramen bar for more than three months. I got no information that a Japanese is working there, but this is the first ramen shop in Vienna any way. This bar is just in front of the metro station Kettenbrückengasse.


At the end of the bar, there is a small "garden" and the view from the table is beyond reality.


I ordered gyoza and smoky ramen. Gyoza was cooked crispy and not that bad. Possibly too much ginger than we usually expect?


Ramen was also good as a whole. There were tiny things which might be better, but I really appreciate their courage to open the first ramen bar here. Austrian people are really very conservative about their taste preference. They seldom try something new.


Japanese living in Vienna would give positive and constructive feedback to keep it for long time.


Mar 19, 2016

Watching soccer game サッカーを観戦する

One of my besebal players in our team who is working as a manager of Mr.Nakata, a famous soccer player, invited team members to the home game of SV Horn and First Vienna, together with those who was informed of via the organisation of Japanese society in Vienna. I went to watch the game with my friends who likes soccer.

うちの野球チームの一員で、サッカーの中田選手のマネージャーをされておられるKさんに、日本人会を通じて招待されたみなさんと一緒に、中田選手がオーナーになったホルンというチームのホームゲームに招待しますという連絡をもらい、SV Horn 対 First Vienna の試合を サッカーが好きな友人も誘って観戦してきた。

Horn is about one hour away from Vienna by car, busses came to transfer all of us to Horn and back to Vienna after the game. We got in one of the busses in front of Art History Museum. There is a soccer stadium in the middle of nothing in the country side. To watch sport beer and something to eat is necessary. And in this stadium we can have Japanese things like curry rice, yakisoba-noodle and nikuman besides typical Austrian fast food such as hotdogs or Leberkäsesemmel. This is wonderful.






Feb 27, 2016

Everlasting Summer in Palau 常夏の国、パラオ

I had holiday for whole January. I went to Palau this time including Japan.
Please refer detailed report in my travel blog.


Dec 25, 2015

Christmas in Vienna ウィーンのクリスマス

On Dec 24. shops will be closed around 15:00, Christmas market will be also closed. Christmas trees for sale on the streets will finish their role, people are busy going out to buy food for Chritmas vacation. On Dec. 25, vacant streets, no cars, silence dominates.


Last minutes sale Christmas tree クリスマスツリー最終セール

Christmas but no Christmas market any more クリスマスだけどマーケットは閉まる
Only the Christmas markets at St.Stephen's Cathedral are open for tourists. But they do not have Glühmost at all. Lots of tourists are around the square.


Later, around 20 o'clock, streets became almost empty except around Kärntner street.


Very foggy night. Shot in Ring street in front of Imperial hotel.


Dec 19, 2015

Vienna Central Station ウィーン中央駅

There is the Central Station since a year and a half?, but it was from Dec. 13th 2015 when all international trains will leave from the station in Vienna.


On the next day on Monday, I went to work for the first time from the Central Station.


There are some positive aspects. First of all, the Central Station is nearer to the West station. I can reach the station by just one subway station and I can sleep ten minutes longer. Secondly, there were lots of commuters to St.Polten but many of them would not take trains from the Central Station. Many of them would take trains from the West Station due to another train company which is much cheaper than Austrian Railway company. It can be one of the reasons. Any way, the train is now less crowded.


Now the commute to my office is under two hours by door to door. It is better any way and I have to be happy with it.

こうして、家から会社までの時間が2時間を切った。 いいことには間違いないし、喜ばない訳には行かない。